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Kites Over New England  2021

Please contact a person near you, or the contact person for the event, for information about start times and weather changes, or with offers to help. Most events are free and open to the public. Some places charge to park. Check the Google calendar, Facebook, or the venue for time and date changes. Look below the list for directions to some of the flying fields.

*Please note: Unless otherwise indicated all events listed below are not sponsored nor organized by Kites Over New England. KONE members may participate, but that does not constitute KONE sponsorship. In most cases the event sponsor is listed as the contact for the event. Please contact the event organizer for more info. Contact info at bottom of listings.* KONE has a monthly fly the first Saturday of every month at Nahant beach.

COVID 19 NOTICE: Please check with the local event sponsor for any changes or cancellations. KONE will post as much information as we can on our FaceBook page, but the ultimate determination of event or no event is up to the local organizer.

Kites Over New England: AKA Kite club of the Year 2018.

Compiled by RJ REED

A few Kite events in the New England Area for 2021

Most events are open to the public. Some places charge to park.

All are welcome at KONE Club Fly events

This info is for fun and may not be 100% correct, but its close.








18: Cogswell Grant, Essex, MA 11:00-4:00




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Flying Locations in New England:

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CT Kiters Calendar is available HERE

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